The importance of reading.

When I read an article in The Guadian, about book clubs in Prison libraries, I was reminded of the power of reading to change lives.

When I was a young girl, I spent my life in a virtual day dream and my reading ability suffered. Until a retired teacher took me and others aside and gave us focused reading lessons. He had faith in us and soon I had not only caught up, but strode ahead of my peers. My love of reading was ignited and has remained with me since that time.

There are many people out there, that have not been so lucky. Maybe they have been excluded from school, come from chaotic family backgrounds and ended up in prison as the result of poor personal choices!

Knowing that librarians and prisoners are working in this environment to encourage reading and learning, is heartening and goes someway to dismissing the negative attitude people have towards the notion of reform.

It’s a very positive article. Please give it a read.


Inside stories from a prison book group. Guardian On-line. Emily Rhodes, 27 April 2016.


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