Cleaning out my bookcase.

Today I emptied out my bookcase and gave it a good clean. It’s a bit of an emotional experience for me, because the books I have chosen to keep have memories of trips and life events tied up within their pages.

My father died when I was eighteen and this year I will turn forty-nine.  The Police Released about the pop group of the same name remains as both a reminder of my father and my childhood. It’s more than a book, it sits on my shelf as a reminder of times gone by.

In university I studied American History and Literature and from this time made friends that became family. One of whom Jill, I spent two wonderful holidays with in America and came back both times with cases full of books. I say cases, because they weighed so much and she had to have some in her case. She is a patient and generous friend and the books I bought home with her help, are a reminder of wonderful times.  An Eye Witness History of Slavery In America published by Schneider & Schneider was a weighty tome to be fair and it was just one of many!

I have developed a passion for theatre of late and like to collect the texts of plays I’ve seen,  if I can.  The Pride by Alexi Kaye Campbell was staged at the Trafalger Studios in London. Intense, funny and moving, it’s a play I wish I’d seen more than once. It focuses on societies changing attitudes to sexuality, identity and the liberation brought about by being honest about who you are.

One of the characters Oliver sums up what Pride is all about.

What is the point of this stupid, painful life if not to be honest? If not to stand up for what one is in the core of one’s being? “

All words have meaning beyond the page they are printed on. Books and reading, whether they are ebooks or printed books, are an essential part of who I am. Part of my identity and they form and encompass cherished memories.

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