Read All About It….TBConFB admin exclusive!!!

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In the deep dark recesses of TBC there is a basement…a dark, damp, dilapidated room inhabited by a few unlucky souls. They all answered the siren song of a FB temptress named Tracy F…or Queen Traceeeeeey as these poor souls refer to her – when they think she is not listening! Sumaira, Helen B, Teresa, Helen C, Carol, Loo,  Melissa and Sharon all found themselves duped one day when they answered a cry for help on TBConFB:

“admin required, not much work involved, just checking posts and helping with moderating the club” said the advert….no mention of selling your soul, sleep deprivation and endless thankless tasks directed by She Who Must Be Obeyed and her depraved sidekick Charlie Fenton. I was lucky enough to gain access to the basement for one hour only to question the “admin” team who lurk behind the bright and bubbly façade that is TBConFB.


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