When I am on holiday!

When I’m on holiday with friends and family, I read less than when I am at home, but books and reading are still very much on my mind.

I started the holiday by reading Perfect Daughter (No greater courage) by Amanda Prowse. A new author to me, its a moving and tender story of a mother, who struggles with being a role model to her family and a carer to her elderly mother. Having lost herself, she has to find the courage to be a mother, wife and daughter while acknowledging her own needs, or she will simply fail at all that she holds dear.  It delivers an emotional punch, but at the same time gives you a positive story of family love.  Its a well worn formula, used by many different writers.  Being nothing new, it takes skill and the right balance of emotion to engage the reader and Amanda Prowse delivers both. Its not my favourite genre, so to grab me it had to have the complex mix of enough emotional clout, without dove tailing into melodrama and well sketched characters. The author gives us this and respects her readers enough not to pull cheap emotional punches. Its all very believable and some readers can no doubt relate to its themes.  If you want to read a well crafted family drama, than you should give Amanda Prowse a try!

Once finished, this left the decision of what to read next, so I turned to an author who impressed me greatly when I read his second book, Welcome to Wherever You Are by John Marrs.  The Wrong Sons being his first novel! Sadly a nasty head cold left me unable to concentrate on a complicated thriller, so it was abandoned soon after. This has nothing to do with the author, he is incredibly talented, but my befuddled brain cells were too bunged up and so I moved onto The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene. Charming and light hearted, its what my cold inflamed brain needed. I doubt I would read it at any other time, not enough to grip me, but it was as I said charming and if you like books based around tea, cake and friendships, this is a well written example.

So that was my holiday reading, now to carry on my challenge to read Waterstone’s monthly recommended fictional reads, with Olive Kitteridge: A Novel in Stories by Elizabeth Strout.


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