Books on offer on Amazon for Kindle September 2016.


I always like to keep an eye on the offers on Amazon; it allows me to buy additional books that month! Yet I don’t have any issue paying the full price for a paperback book!

But who doesn’t like a bargain?

A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale will definitely be up for a place in my top ten reads of 2016! If you’re interested and have a kindle, Amazon has it on offer at the moment for 99p.  It’s a fabulous read, so why not snatch it up while it is on offer?

Another book I have recently read, Shakespeare by Bill Bryson is reduced to £1.99 on kindle. It’s a wonderful and very accessible biography of the bard.

I’m a big fan of Tracey Chevalier and Falling Angels is on offer this month at £1.99. It is one of my favourites and explores of the role of women in society in the era of the suffragettes.

One of the few books to ever reduce me to tears is Marley and Me by John Grogan. Marley is John and Jenny’s beautiful but chaotic Labrador and it is also on offer at 99p.

There are plenty more books on offer, but these are a few I’ve read and really enjoyed!


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