The Wronged Sons by John Marr’s

Having read the authors second book, Welcome to Wherever You Are and thoroughly enjoying it, I quickly downloaded his first book, The Wronged Sons. I’m not the biggest thriller reader, but Marr’s is such a fabulous writer, I guessed rightly that this his first novel would be a very enjoyable read.

The story comprises of two threads. The first focuses on Simon, who walks out on his family, only to re-appear twenty-five years later.  Why did he leave and why has he come back?  The second thread focuses on his wife Catherine, who is left to rebuild a life left devastated by his abandonment. It’s when their lives collide again, that many truths are brought to light and questions long left unanswered lead to a thrilling conclusion.

I loved this book because Marr’s keeps the reader constantly wrong footed. You think you know why a character acted as they did and you’re proved wrong and taken down an altogether different story thread. He doesn’t try to make his characters all likeable, they are flawed and realistic.  I enjoyed disliking them!  He takes human nature and gives a voice to its darker side.  But despite the fact I found it hard to like the characters, Marr’s made me want to know how their story concluded and for me that makes this an accomplished thriller.

I look forward to reading his third book and I am anticipating a thrilling read!

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