The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin.

They say that reading is solitary hobby and to an extent that is true, when you read a book you do so alone. The relationship is between you and the characters.  Yet to say that, is to ignore the power reading has to form friendships, discover connections and start conversations with friends and complete strangers. Not all readers are introverts, some are, others are extroverts, many are a bit of both. They like to talk about books they’ve read, share their love of a character and writer.  Its through these networks of friendships that we discover new books and it was how I came to read the incredible, The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin. A lovely nurse that works tirelessy to help others and has great taste in books recommended this book to me.  Thank you Delyth, I adored it and I hope many others will to.

Death is a subject we all have to face up to, but what if its not the end of our journey? What if or memories live on in other lives, even when our bodies die?

Sharon Guskin has written a tender, beautiful and deeply touching story about rebirth and memory.  It’s a memorizing tale of young four year old Noah, who from the time he can talk, asks his mother to take him home.  Despite constant reassurance that that he is home, Noah is haunted by memories of a previous life and has talents no one can explain.  To find resolution, Noah, his mother and doctor, must all go on a cathartic journey of discovery.  It takes them to a family whose young son Thomas disappeared years before.  Is Noah, Thomas?  Does Noah have within him elements of Thomas’s memories and life?  Can he provide them with answers to Thomas’s disappearance?  Importantly, can they provide Noah with the ability to forget the memories that haunt him?

It is a profound story about the meaning of life and the power memory has in shaping who we are.  It asks us all the question, what if what we did in our lives mattered, because it shaped who be became in this life and the one after that.

In a society where death is feared, The Forgetting Time is a book that has a lot to teach us about life and death.  It’s a book that calls out to you, asks you to read it and fills you not only with questions, but also a sense of wonder and peace.  Resolution to all the fears that haunt us.  Young Noah connects one life with those that went before.  He is a channel for a soul made up of memory and experience.

Life may not end with the death of our bodies.  Join Noah and all those who love him on an emotional and powerful journey to The Forgetting Time. 


The Forgetting Time can be bought from Amazon  and Waterstones




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