Blog Tour ~ Extract ~ The Kazak Contract by Paul Purnell.

The Kazak Contract Cover


This is a passage from Chapter 5 . The character Serge is a Russian smuggler Ballantyne meets with a view to smuggling the wounded American out of harm’s way.
“The big man smiled. ‘I like you, Mister English, explain me more and maybe we can do deal.’ He scratched his beard and sat down on a chair, astride, as if on horseback.
‘We need to shift him out of the big hospital as soon as possible then get him over the border, maybe Uzbekistan?’
The big man laughed. ‘You think it’s easy to get to Uzbek? My friend, we are in Astana, not dream land! It’s eight hundred kilometres to Uzbekistan!’
Gilda leaned forward.
‘Look, I have had good times with Bill Hammond but he is not my—’she hesitated trying to find the right word— ‘boyfriend, I will help him but he needs to pay my friends.’
‘How much?’ Ballantyne was ready for the usual haggle.
‘Well,’ said the big man, ‘the best way is through Almaty to Kyrgyzstan.’ He pronounced it ‘Kurgistan’. ‘There is much trade there and transport is easy. A thousand US dollars it will be possible.’
His eyes looked steadily at Ballantyne. He stared back.
‘Too much. He is not a tourist, he’s just a salesman. Seven fifty.’
The man’s eyes flickered and Ballantyne knew he had done the deal.
‘OK, but cash up front.’
Ballantyne nodded.

The Kazak Contract can be bought from Amazon.

Author Bio

For thirty five years I have served the Law in UK. I have prosecuted murderers and defended them too.

I have seen about  every form of crime and most types of people – criminals and victims – police and ordinary citizens as well.

It is time to put down some of that experience into writing. Nobody will recognise himself,  because characters have been blended and the stories changed. Strangely, the mixture has produced a  wide variety of stories, some humourous and others chilling.

I enjoy meeting readers from all over the world and like feedback if it is objective and reasonable.

My hope is that you will find  the stories intriguing and not too long!

I send my best wishes to all Readers.

You can follow Paul Purnell on his Website.

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