Blog Tour ~Review~Thomas The Troll’s Travels by Nicolas Starling.


Thomas Trolls Travels Cover

Book summary

Thomas the Troll comes from Norway. Like most Trolls he is mischievous, naughty and full of adventure.
One day, he has to leave Norway because the troll elders are going to punish him for being so cheeky.
Thomas decides to live in England and has had all kinds of adventures on the way there.
He meets elves, gnomes and brings Ticklefish with him; Ticklefish are great fun and nearly as naughty as Trolls.
Thomas meets pirates a friendly ghost and even thinks he’s sees the queen!
Some people think Trolls are a fairy tale. I don’t. Do you?


Many thanks to the author, Clink Street Publishing and Rachel Gilbey for the ARC copy of Thomas The Troll’s Travels in return for an honest review.

This a sweet and amusing tale for young readers.  Ideal for parents to read to very young children or for more independant readers as one of their first full length books.

Thomas the Troll is delightfully mischievous and full of a sense of adventure.  He travels from his home in Norway and undertakes an journey through London and all the way up to Scotland.  The supporting cast of new friends he makes, give the novel its sense of joyful inclusion.  We have Thomas’s Troll girlfriend, an Elf, a Gnome, the Queen of England and some magical fish that tickle those they come across.

The book’s strength, comes from the simplicity of the story.  The focus is on captivating its audience with the themes of adventure, friendship, fun and enjoyment.  The language is easy to read and importantly never uses words that might trip up the reading age it is aimed at. Thinking of my god children running around the garden together, with imaginations running riot, adventures being had, reminds me of the feel of Thomas The Troll’s Travels.  

If you are looking for a sweet and endearing book for the little people in your life, then give this lovely book a read.

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Author Bio 


Living in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, retired Butcher Nicolas Starling has always enjoyed entertaining people both young and old with his vivid imagination.

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