Review~Fun, informative and inspiring reads for little people~ The Jungle Jam Books by Louise and Noam Lederman

In an inspired move husband and wife team Louise and Noam Lederman have developed a series of books aimed at 0-5 year olds. Realising that early years is lacking in innovative and inspired learning resources they decided to write a series of books.

The Jungle Jam books are fun, colourful and informative reads for parents and their little ones. While teachers can use the adventures of Mikey the Monkey and his friends to make learning fun and inspiring. The illustrations are bold and guaranteed to catch the attention of young readers, while the themes of friendship and music as an educational tool, will open their minds to such themes as accepting difference and embracing a love of adventure.

Everything about these books radiates with the love and passion Louise and Noam have for making learning fun and joyful.  The minds of very young children soak up new knowledge like a sponge, but their imaginations need to be captivated, making learning a process they want to engage in. The Jungle Jam gives parents, teachers and children a resource that will have them laughing and learning by combining reading, music and rhyming text.


The first book in the series Jungle Jam, is about Mikey the Monkey who loves singing.  He sets off on a musical adventure and meets some friendly jungle animals who each play a different musical instrument.  Mikey and his new friends form a band calling it Jungle Jam.

Its an informative learning tool, but more importantly it’s a fun and engaging read.  Not only do you have gorgeous and bright illustrations from Jason James, you have rhyming text that has a musical feel to it. It reads out loud as if your singing the words and you find yourself smiling as you follow the band on their adventures. This is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any adult and child, lucky enough to be given this wonderfully fun book.

It doesn’t stop there! As an added bonus there is an activity section at the back, showing you how to make your own instruments from items that are easy to buy or probably lying around in your home.


In the second of the series Jungle Jam In Brazil the band of friends go on a musical adventure in this exotic country.  The friends learn important life lessons and support their friend Gina the Giraffe as she learns to over come her fear of trying new things.

Once again you have a book brimming with gorgeous pictures and a story written with huge skill and a understanding of that learning needs to be fun for young children. Louise and Noam have written an absoulutely joyful book. Once again learning is through combining a rhyming text that leaps of the page, because its so beautifully thought out.  I find myself repeating the word fun over and over in this blog, but that’s because both books are packed with this very important element to young children. If a story is fun to listen to, they will want to read it over and over, and by repitation increase not only their language skills, but find a joy in reading that will follow them through not only their formative years, but give them a foundation for learning that will never leave them. At the back you have an activity page where the children are encouraged to look for musical instruments hidden in the picture and a series of informative facts about Brazil.

If your a teacher looking for a valuable learning resource for your early years class then both Jungle Jam books should be in your classroom.

If your a parent who loves to read to your child then you too should invest in this fabulous books.

They can be combined with Jungle Jam songs that can be downloaded from and child friendly products which can also be purchased from the website.


I am excited that these two amazing children’s books will be followed by Jungle Jam in Spain in August 2017, Jungle Jam in India (September 2017) and the last in the series Jungle Jam in the U.S (October 2017).

The books can be purchased from the Jungle Jam website, while Jungle Jam and Jungle Jam in Brazil can be purchased from Amazon.  These delightful books can also be bought from Waterstones.

Author bio

The Jungle Jam series of books is published by Jungle Jam Publishing. They were created and written by husband and wife team Louise and Noam Lederman from Edgware, North London.

Noam is an author, educator and musician. He has published over 100 academic music books which have sold over a million copies wordwide. He is also the pincipal of a chain of music schools in Asia.

Louise Lederman spent many years working in Marketing, PR and Events, predominantly for charities and education companies. She worked for numerous disability charities including the National Autistic Society, Sense and Langdon, and feels she has a deep understanding of disability and SEN (Special Educational Needs). With her experience and knowledge, Louise Lederman has a vision to tailor Jungle Jam for children with SEN.

They can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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