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No Accident - Robert Crouch - Book Cover

Book Summary

Nothing happens by accident, according to Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel. When he ignores a restraining order to investigate the death of Syd Collins in a work accident at Tombstone Adventure Park, he clashes with the owner, playboy millionaire, Miles Birchill, who has his own reasons to block the investigation.
Determined to uncover the truth, Kent casts aside procedure and defies suspension when he becomes convinced that Collins’ death is no accident.
But as Kent rushes to identify the killer and prevent more deaths, he faces even more unpleasant surprises when his professional and private worlds collide with devastating consequences.
Set in and around the beautiful South Downs of East Sussex, No Accident is the first novel in a new series that brings a fresh and irreverent twist to the traditional whodunit.

Book Review

Firstly I would like to thank Robert Crouch and blog tour organiser Caroline Vincent, for the ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review.

No Accident is a clever, original and highly enjoyable thriller. I loved that the lead character is neither a police officer or a private investigator!  He is an environmental health officer, who carries around with him a troubled past and an even more uncertain future.

Kent Fisher is a wonderful creation by Robert Crouch, a man who loves conspiracy theories and solves crimes while undertaking his day job and running his beloved animal sanctuary.  It’s like a breath of fresh air to discover a lead character who is neither a disulusioned police officer or a downbeat private eye. Kent is a modern creation for a new breed of thrillers!

The story is so well crafted I felt certain the writer had a back catalogue of books I could immerse myself in, yet, it’s his first book and he writes with confidence and great skill.  It’s peppered with twists and turns that will wrong foot you throughout, so much so, that it’s like getting lost in a maze, only to be shown the way out at the last minute, guided by the author.  The story is allowed to develop as you get to know the characters and I was delighted to discover that Robert Crouch paid as much attention to plot as he does to the personalities of his characters.

If you are looking for a thriller with a difference then No Accident is the book for you!

I enjoyed it immensely and I’m looking forward to spending more time with the highly likeable Kent Fisher in the next in the series.

No Accident can be purchased from Amazon.

Author Bio 

 Robert Crouch Author Image

Inspired by Miss Marple, Inspector Morse and Columbo, Robert Crouch wanted to write entertaining crime fiction the whole family could enjoy.

At their heart is Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel. Passionate about the environment, justice and fair play, he’s soon embroiled in murder.
Drawing on his experiences as an environmental health officer, Robert has created a new kind of detective who brings a unique and fresh twist to the traditional murder mystery. With complex plots, topical issues and a liberal dash of irreverent humour, the Kent Fisher mysteries offer an alternative to the standard police procedural.
Robert now writes full time and lives on the South Coast of England with his wife and their West Highland White Terrier, Harvey, who appears in the novels as Kent’s sidekick, Columbo.

Robert Crouch can be followed on the following social media sites.

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