Blog Tour ~ Review ~ The Snake That Baked A Cake by S Afrough and S Hough. Illustrated by S Goodway.


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I would like to thank the authors and Clink Street Publishers for the ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review.

The key to success in children’s books, especially for very young children, is that the story needs to captivate the imagination and that the illustrations capture the essence of the story.  The two combined need to create a stimulating and enjoyable experience that will capture the imignation of young minds.

The Snake That Baked A Cake is a charming story that combines words and illustrations to tell a tale, that will without doubt bring a smile to early years readers.

The illustrations are bright and compliment the story, while the story itself reads smoothly and is lovingly told by the authors.  It will surely also lead young children and their parents, to then go onto bake a cake together, just as the snake does in this funny and endearing read.

The colourful illustrations and the way the words wind over and under them brings the two together and makes reading The Snake That Baked A Cake a very enjoyable experience.  For young children, reading is often visual experience as they match the words with the pictures, so bringing them together in such an intergrated way, will ensure they enjoy this tale.

I would recommend this book to all those that have young children, it is really is a lovely read.

It is aimed at readers between the ages of 2-5 and grade level K-3.

It can be purchased from  in Kindle format and paperback.

Author Bio 

Based in London Sara Afrough is an academic with a PHD from Oxford University in Biological Sciences. Her sister Sim Hough lives in Liverpool with her husband and children and is currently qualifying to become a commercial property lawyer.


2 thoughts on “Blog Tour ~ Review ~ The Snake That Baked A Cake by S Afrough and S Hough. Illustrated by S Goodway.

  1. Vicki_cosybooks says:

    Sounds lovely! I miss reading lovely picture books with my daughter (13) but maybe I can tempt her out of her room today for some bonding over baking

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