Blog Tour ~ Review ~ Skeletal by Emma Pullar.

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Gale City is the last city in the world and under the strict control of the illusive Centrals.

When females reach adulthood, they’re given the chance to compete at Showcase for the honour of becoming surrogates for the Morbihan – a highly intelligent, obese race of people, unable to procreate naturally. All the other girls are excited to become hosts, all except Megan Skyla.

Convinced there’s more to life, Skyla teams up with an unlikely friend and they go in search of a cure for the Morbihan condition. Things don’t go to plan and their journey becomes a harrowing quest fraught with danger and deceit.

How can Skyla discover the truth when everything she’s been told is a lie? Can anyone in Gale City ever really be free?

Skyla is about to discover that freedom has a price and she’s going have the fight to survive.


Many thanks to the author Emma Pullar, publisher Bloodhound Books and blog tour organiser Sarah Hardy for the ARC in return for an honest review.

I’ve not read much dystopian fiction, other than novels such as The Hunger Games, but I have enjoyed those I have read.

Skeletal, was as enjoyable to read as the more well known titles in this genre and full of tension from page one to it’s conclusion.  I loved the main character Skyla, who is strong and brave, the perfect heroine in a story of humanity following ecological disaster. She is also the perfect foil to the darker servants of the Morbihan overlords.

The scene setting is perfect. You feel the way humanity is clinging onto civilized society. The darkness of the streets workers like Skyla live on, had a Dickensian feel to them, narrow, dark, claustrophobic, full of poverty and loss of hope! While the homes of the Morbihan master’s, where bright and clinical, more Brave New World, with dark, terrifying secrets behind closed doors.

It’s full of a wealth of supporting characters, with a plot full of twists and turns, that keep you engaged throughout. I was desperate for Sykla to survive and find the freedom she yearned for.

Emma Pullar has a bright future ahead of her, if she keeps producing novels as packed with adventure, thrills and tension as Skeletal. The future may not be bright in the world she envisions, but it most definitely is full of exciting possibilities.

Skeletal can be purchased from Amazon

Author Bio 

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Emma Pullar is a writer of dark fiction and children’s books. Her picture book, Curly from Shirley, went to number four on the national bestseller list and was named best opening lines by NZ Post. You can read her SJV Award shortlisted horror story, London’s Crawling, in the Dark Minds charity collection and her dystopian sci-fi story, Old Trees Don’t Bend, in The Anthropocene Chronicles. Emma has also written three shortlisted stories for Create50 which are awaiting the winner announcement. Her debut novel SKELETAL published by Bloodhound Books is due for release 27th October 2017.


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