Blog Tour ~Review ~ Your Next by Michael Fowler.

You're Next - Michael Fowler - Book Cover


It is the opening day of Detective Sergeant Scarlett Macey’s biggest case of her life – ‘The Lycra Rapist’ is standing trial for a series of brutal rapes.
But things don’t go according to plan – the trial collapses – and James Green is freed.
Scarlett is determined his freedom will not last long and immediately begins planning his downfall.
Meanwhile James Green has his own plans for revenge, and driven by feelings of hatred begins to pick out those who brought about his downfall – priming them for the kill.
Scarlett has faced many villains in the past, but never one quite as terrifying as James Green…


I would like to thank the author Michael Fowler and blog tour organiser Caroline Vincent for the ARC copy of Your Next in return for an honest review.

This is a first class thriller and a real page turner, so much so that I lost hours within it’s pages.

What stood out for me and made it such a satisfying read was how much I loved the heroine Scarlett and how much I hated the villain James.  They were the perfect foils to each other.

Scarlett is my favourite type of female lead. Strong, determined and capable. Not for her a reduced role as someone’s side kick, she is a great character who doesn’t need to be trailing behind a grumpy male defective. Scarlett is front and centre of this story and I loved that.

Opposite her is the twisted killer James. He is suitably evil and left me feeling cold. I loved that he was given a voice in the novel, so we could see how depraved he was.  He made me shudder as all killers in a novel should.

It’s a book full of tension and darkness. You read on and on, to see if Scarlett will bring James’s to justice. The twists and turns, knock you off balance all to often and this forced me as a reader more than once, to readjust my thoughts on how it would end.

It’s a first rate read and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

You can buy Your Next from Amazon UK.

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