Blog Tour ~ Review ~ The Matter of the Crown by Linda Ferreri.

The Matter of the Crown Cover

The Crown of the Andes, one of the world’s most precious and beautiful sacred objects, has been stolen right off the stage at Satterling’s Auction House in New York City. Five pounds of magnificent baroque gold that ransomed the Inca Ruler Atahaulpa, and hundreds of perfect Colombian emeralds, all gone without a trace! Will this legendary treasure be destroyed for its gold and emeralds? One woman is dead and another one in hot pursuit.


I would like to thank the author of The Matter of The Crown Linda Ferreri and blog tour organiser Rachel Gilbey for the ARC in return for an honest review.
If you like a easy to read thriller with lots of fascinating historical information, then The Matter of The Crown if a good one to pick.
It has a cast of likeable characters, especially the hero of the piece, Italian Policeman Baldo and the heroine Claire Bliss. Both of whom are engaging and very likeable.
It has twists and turns a plenty and takes the reader from the beauty and mystery of Italy to the dazzling skyscrapers of New York. There is plenty of adventure and mystery within its pages to keep you reading and is written by an author with an obvious passion for her story.
For me and this is simply a personal judgement, the segments of historical background affected the flow of the story and I would have preferred less of it within the novel. It is though all fascinating stuff and you should certainly not be put off by this, because others will love it! Reading is a personal experience and what works for one, may not for the next person.
If drama with an historical element to it, with a heroine who faces a personal journey is your reading taste, then give The Matter of the Crown a try.

The Matter of the Crown can be purchased from Amazon

Author Bio 

The Matter of the Crown - Author Pic

Linda Ferreri is a well-known art lawyer and author.  Her books include novels about the Crown of the Anes, a novella entitled The King of UNINI, and whimsical hand-illustrated iBooks.  She is known, also, for her drawings.   She divides her time between Italy and the United States, and lectures widely around the world about art and history.  Her next novel is in progress.

Linda Ferreri can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

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