Blog Tour ~ Review ~ A Blindefellows Chronicle by Auriel Roe.

Blindefellows Cover

At midday on 31st August, Sedgewick, the new history master, arrives at Blindefellows, former charity school for poor, blind boys, now a second division private school for anyone who can pay. The naive newcomer is quickly taken under the wing of the rumbustious, philandering Japes, master of physics, who soon becomes something of a mentor, though not in an academic sense. A Blindefellows Chronicle follows the adventures of Sedgewick, Japes and a handful of other unmarried faculty at an obscure West Country boarding school including the closeted headmaster, Reverend Hareton, stalwart Matron Ridgeway and loathsome librarian, Fairchild.

I would like to thank Unbound, writer Auriel Roe and blog tour organiser Anne Cater for the ARC of A Blindefellows Chronicle in return for an honest review.

What I love about this charming book was its focus on character and story.  We are taken onto the world of Blindefellows  and follow the lives of its various teachers over a period of years.  As a reader you are given the time to become fond of each of them and come to care about them.  It is a gentle read, sad in places, but also full of heart and laughter.

If your looking for a fast paced action thriller, then this is not the book for you.  It’s all about the characters and the lives they live, their thoughts and motivations.  I like both, fast paced and slower reads, so I was in my element and took to all the teachers and their quirky characteristics.

It had a feeling to me of a well crafted first novel. It asks the readers to take a journey with the characters such as Japes and Sedgwick as like us they age and mature.  The characters were certainly my favourite part of the book and I was sad to leave them behind when the book had ended.

A Blindefellows Chronicle can be purchased from Amazon.

About the author.

Auriel Roe

Blindefellows is my first published novel and is the result of a few years’ worth of quirky scribblings in a stack of notebooks. I wrote the novel I always wanted to read but couldn’t find, partially inspired by my favourite authors, Stella Gibbons, PG Wodehouse and Evelyn Waugh.

In addition to my writing, I am also an artist, from ram-sized pugs to sedate still life. I add a small observation and image to my blog on a daily basis which can be found on my website.

Auriel Roe can be followed on Twitter.


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