Blog Tour ~ Review ~ I Know Where You Live by Pat Young.

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Penny believes she’s being watched. Yet no one should know where she lives.

Penny seizes the chance of a new life for her family when her husband is offered a job in Europe.

At the airport they meet charming Sophie, fluent in French and looking for work as an au pair.

Penny, struggling to cope in France, offers Sophie a job and she soon becomes an important part of the family’s life. But Sophie is hiding something.

Then Penny’s toddler son, Ethan, is abducted and an international hunt for the child begins.
The police beg Penny and her husband to take part in a television appeal but the couple refuse. Unknown to the police, Penny and Seth have new identities and are determined to lay low and protect them. But it may be too late for that.

Who has taken Ethan and why?

Are the couple’s true identities linked to the abduction?

And who has been watching them?

To save her son Penny may have to put her own life on the line.


I would like to thank Bloodhound Books, author Pat Young and blog tour organiser for the ARC of I Know Where You Live in return for an honest review.

It is always a bit nerve wracking when reading a sequel to a book you really enjoyed, in case you don’t like it as much as you expect to. I am happy to be able to say I not only loved I Know Where You Live, sequel to Till The Dust Settles, I thought it was an exciting and thrilling follow on.

It catches up with Penny and her young family as they travel to Europe for work and into a whole lot of trouble and angst.   It is so well written I felt almost immediately at home within their story and back amongst old friends.  Admittedly friends I was worried and scared about, unable to tear myself away from the horror that was engulfing their lives.  Unable to put it down, staying up way too long into the early hours of the morning, half asleep at my desk the next day, because I was worried about Penny and her family.

Pat Young has me tied up in knots of anxiety needing to know their fates.  You want a thriller to hook you in and hurl you through the story and this book certainly did that, because it is a real page turner. Both top class writing and reading.

I hope to hear more from Pat Young, because she writes with skill and style and knws how to hook a reader in.

I Know Where You Live can be purchased from Amazon.

About the author. 


Pat Young grew up in the south west of Scotland where she still lives, sometimes. She often goes to the other extreme, the south west of France, in search of sunlight.

Pat never expected to be a writer. Then she found a discarded book with a wad of cash tucked in the flyleaf. ‘What if something awful happened to the person who lost this book?’ she thought, and she was off.

Pat knew nothing of writing, but she knew a thing or two about books, having studied English, French and German at Glasgow University. A passion for languages led to a career she loved and then a successful part-time business that allowed her some free-time, at last.

Pat had plans, none of which included sitting at her desk from daybreak till dusk. But some days she has to. Because there’s a story to be told. And when it’s done, she can go out to play. On zip-wires and abseil ropes, or just the tennis court.

Pat writes psychological thrillers. Her debut novel Till the Dust Settles, has been awarded the Scottish Association of Writers’ Constable Stag trophy. Following publication in July
2017 Pat was delighted to be chosen as an ‘emerging talent’ for Crime in the Spotlight and read from Till the Dust Settles to an audience at Bloody Scotland – another dream come true.

Published by Bloodhound Books, I Know Where You Live is the much-anticipated sequel to Pat’s gripping and unmissable debut thriller, Till the Dust Settles. It too is a psychological thriller with a skilfully told story that makes for an enjoyable stand alone read. It will hook you from the start.

Pat Young can be followed on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Tour ~ Review ~ I Know Where You Live by Pat Young.

  1. Pat Young says:

    Thank you for this, one of the nicest reviews I think I’ve ever received. If you think it was nerve-wracking reading the sequel – imagine writing it. I’ve been so nervous! Your comments on the quality of my writing and the way you engaged with my characters really touched my heart. Many thanks.

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