Interview ~ Blog Tour ~ Android Love, Human Skin by Richard Goodwin.

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Android Love, Human Skin

Welcome to a world of four genders. A dystopian science fiction novel that explores the nature of gender and sexual conflict, in a future utopia engineered by the union.
Society has been revolutionised by gender control and the technologisation of man and woman. In a future where a biochemical weapon has removed the skins of the population, the rulers hunt for the beautiful ones, those men and women who still have skins.
The union is the new government, a faceless body of politicians who were behind the order to use the weapon that backfired on them, leaving them skinless. In the glass citadel, the new utopia, where the only surviving humans with skin are placed, they recreate the world of gender by offering humans four types of robot with which to have relationships.
All the humans are placed in relationships with machines, apart from Gerald, who appears to be a spy for the union and is filming the humans, and Elliott, a robot programmer.
The union watches it all, political voyeurs in a totalitarian state of enforced sexual ecstasies.
Humanity falls into four categories…

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Android Love Human Skin

I’m delighted to be part of the blog tour for Android Love, Human Skin today and feature a guest interview by Henry Roi of it author Richard Goodwin.

Henry Roi Interview with Author Richard Godwin Henry:

In your new novel, “Android Love, Human Skin”, there are 4 genders, and most of the human population has no skin. I admit I was skeptical after reading the back cover. Then I read the story – compelling stuff. Where and how did this thought torquing concept originate?
Richard: I was reading a lot of Philip K Dick. I was toying with the exploration of the extent to which we inhabit a near-freezing (hence enclosed, think enclosure as total social control programme) zone of covert social engineering that is totalitarianism at its elemental purest. I wanted to explore gender conflict within the precise and hidden terrain of the socially engineered man and woman, in itself a composite of pre-imposed cultural propaganda and imprisonment, both mentally and spiritually, as it is presented to us through both education programmes and media control. And therefore I was inevitably led to one place: four genders. But four genders that are not quite human; sex machines, made for human pleasure. Machines with human DNA, machines that have their own ideas, machines that have their own plans and programme, not quite human, or perhaps methinks … as Nietzsche wrote and posited, ‘Human, all too human,’ four gender conflict is rich dramatic terrain.

Henry: This is a genre bender, for sure. Dystopian, sci-fi and a chill factor that will light up the pleasure centers of classic horror buffs. Did you intend for this story to cross over or appeal to such a massive audience?
Richard: I didn’t even think about it. I wrote the story, the story wrote itself.

Henry: Share with us a dark emotion you experienced during the writing of Android Love, Human Skin. Share a moment of profound pleasure.
Richard: The sheer power of androids. The sexual pleasures of androids.

Henry: I’ve seen other writers and industry professionals refer to you as the “Dark Godwin”. Is that fitting?
Richard: I think it was Jason Michel who named me The Dark Lord. Make of it what you will.

Henry: Your Facebook page features several photographs of you, all very serious and very fit. Do you exercise?
Richard: Sport has always been an important part of my life. I went to a school where it was emphasized. I wanted to play football at a young age, by which I mean to the American audience, soccer. But my father sent me to a rugby school. I was fast around the pitch, was a good cricketer also. I ended up on four teams, rowing, freezing conditions, training for competitions on Saturday mornings, no gloves allowed. Pain was a must, blisters popping, hands leaking water, as I penned my extensive homework. Also on the athletics team, I was a fast 200 metre runner. Judo, tennis. At 15 I became heavily into martial arts, got black belts in Karate and Taekwondo, pursued my interests further in Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do and, now, Krav Maga. As I realise, fully, that any amateur boxer can kick the shit out of a Karate black belt, Krav is the business.

I ran for years and gym it five times a week. I lift heavy, weighing in at 72 kg, and I deadlift 140 kg, bench 100 kg. I still row, and I love that feeling of wellbeing that sport and exercise gives. Motto: mens sana in corpore sano. I like to watch tennis and baseball, and plan to keep going for a long time. I also trained here:
Commando Temple Gym – 2015
The Commando Temple gym is unlike any training space in London. Built on a strong foundation of world class educ… Yes, sport is important.
Henry: Imagine a person sitting at home enjoying this interview. What comes to mind?
Imagination per se, I am invoking a Revolution. You think I’m kidding?

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About the author

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Richard Godwin is the critically acclaimed author of Apostle Rising, Mr. Glamour, One Lost Summer, Noir City, Meaningful Conversations, Confessions Of A Hit Man, Paranoia And The Destiny Programme, Wrong Crowd, Savage Highway, Ersatz World, The Pure And The Hated, Disembodied, Buffalo And Sour Mash, Locked In Cages, Crystal On Electric Acetate, The Glass House, Android Love, Human Skin, and Insincerity. His stories have been published in numerous paying magazines and over 34 anthologies, among them an anthology of his stories, Piquant: Tales Of The Mustard Man, and The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime and The Mammoth Book Of Best British Mystery, alongside Lee Child. He was born in London and lectured in English and American literature at the University of London. He also teaches creative writing at University and workshops. You can find out more about him at his website , where you can read a full list of his works, and where you can also read his Chin Wags At The Slaughterhouse, his highly popular and unusual interviews with other authors.

You can follow the author on his BlogTwitter and Facebook.

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