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A fifteen year old boy sees it as his duty to rid Edinburgh of the scum that prey on the innocent people of the city. He finds that to punish the guilty he must first face fear,loss and betrayal. He will soon discover things aren’t always as they seem, and there are other people who have uses for a young killer as well as bigger forces at play.


I would like to thank the author for sharing an extract from novel Kid To Killer today.


One Saturday morning John, and I were sitting on deck chairs outside John’s house listening to music on John’s Ghetto blaster,I thought about Timmy but John never mentioned going to see him so I figured we or I wasn’t welcome.
Billy was pottering around in the garden when we saw two boys around thirteen years old run into the stair across the street, they looked like they were being chased.
A few seconds later a figure wearing a hooded jacket ran into the same stair.
I instantly recognized that Jacket.
“Deano!” I yelled as I sprinted off to give chase.
I ran into the stair and seen the door at the other side of the stair closing, they had gone straight through.
I opened the door and seen Deano running towards the canal.
I gave chase once again.

As I reached the narrow path that ran along the canal, I could hear screaming.
I sprinted along the path into the darkness under the bridge that ran across the canal, He had caught one of the kids.
“Deano!” I shouted.
The kid broke free and started running, Deano gave chase after him.
I caught up with him before we got back into the daylight and rammed my foot into the back of his knee.
He fell over face first and cried out as his face slid along the sharp gravel that covered the canal pathways.
He tried to get back to his feet but I pushed my foot on the back of his neck forcing him back into the gravel.
“You’re deed, do you ken who a am?” he cried.
“I know exactly who you are” I replied pushing my foot harder into his neck.
“My big brother is gonna kill you” He screamed.
I lifted my foot off his neck and dragged him to the side of the canal.
“You are scum, you have caused nothing but misery to people.” I said as I pushed his head under the murky water.
As I held his head under the water I felt anger as I relived the fear I had felt that night on the bus, the horror of the old woman he had killed and the pain of Timmy being stabbed.
“Paul, stop!” I heard John shouting from behind me.
I looked round to see John and his dad standing a little further along the path.
John made a move to run towards me but Billy grabbed him and pulled him back.
“This is the way it has to be son” he said to him.
I let go of Deano’s hood and stood up still full of anger.
He lay motionless with his head under the water and his hood floating on the surface of the canal.
John turned around and started to walk away as I approached Billy.
“Well done son, you done it!” Billy said pulling me in for a hug.
“Hold on, let me check to see nothing fell out your pocket” he said as he combed the area.

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About the author.

Paul Elliott Picture

Paul Elliott, born in Edinburgh in 1974 is the creator and writer of the book Paul McGraw: Kid To Killer which is available now on the kindle store. Having grown up in some of the roughest areas of Edinburgh and leaving Wester Hailes Education Centre after year one with no qualifications, he joined the army as a junior officer at 15 years old but very quickly realised it wasn’t for him.  Paul then moved onto being a nightclub bouncer, debt collector, personal security provider and car dealer before trying his hand at writing a novel.

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