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“Life is full of twists and turns, stops and starts. Living on a bizarre rollercoaster, Geraldine Ward is now bouncing back with a Bang.”
In a poetry collection that aims to to rock the senses and fill the reader with powerful imagery and heartfelt truth, Geraldine Ward’s mixture of critical and realistic social observation and humorous asides, will fully involve you in her journey of self discovery and take you on the ride of your life.
“Geraldine Ward’s poems take a slanted look at this world. They skilfully shine a light on those things we wish were different, the abuse we suffer or inflict.” – Reuben Woolley, Editor of “I am not a silent poet.”


I would like to thank the author and blog tour organiser for the ARC in return for an honest review.

This collection of poems covers a wide range of topics from the type of tea she likes to drink, to the threat humanity poses to the survival of the worlds bee population. It is an eclectic mix of powerful poems about social exclusion and wry observations about everyday life.

The thing I most loved about this collected works was the range of subjects it tackles, giving the reader a window into the emotional mindset of the poet and those issues that influence her art. For me, poetry only works if the poet writes verse that reflects the issues that they care about, because only then will the reader be able to connect with them. It was clear to me after reading Bouncing Back With A Bang that the writer was passionate about reflecting the world around her and her own experiences.

My favourite poem in the collection has to be I do not drink Peppermint Tea, which I don’t, but not just because of that. It’s the descriptions within the poem itself, which perfectly sum up why I prefer normal tea or better still coffee.

I just want something warm inside me,
If I wanted something fruity I would just eat fruit

Poems work best when they resonate with the reader and Bouncing Back With A Bang was full of such poems. I walked beside the river talked to me of the peace I find when walking along the river bank, far from a world that seems fragmented and full of angry voices. It in places such as this, my mind can rest and that feeling of peace is summed up perfectly in this poem.

I walked beside the river to make the good times roll
Some say the good die young,
Elder statesmen left,
By brook, briar and rose
I finally find peace

I grew up a little scared of poetry, but as I have got older, I have learned to enjoy the beauty of the language and the unique way it can evoke memories and feelings. I am now on what seems like an endless quest to collect my favourite poems. Both I do not drink Peppermint Tea and I walked beside the river will be part of that collection.

Bouncing Back With A Bang is a funny, emotional and insightful collection of poems, all of which are very accessible. I enjoyed all of them and hope Geraldine Ward’s lovely poems come to be enjoyed by many other readers, who in taking that journey of self discovery with her, will learn more about themselves as well.

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About the author

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Geraldine Ward is an author, mother and performance poet. Her publishing credits include children’s poetry and fiction, most recently ‘Mark’s Magic Farmyard and Other Stories’, a novella about mental health called ‘Caring for the Carer’ and ‘Now’ poetry to name but a few.
She has had individual poems published in literary magazines including ‘The Blue Nib’ edited by Shirley Bell, ‘I am not a silent poet’ edited by Reuben Woolley and ‘Writers Cafe Magazine’ edited by Marie Lightman.
In November 2017 she was one of only three poets appearing on a pre recorded podcast for BBC Radio 4 Front Row, describing her writing process for National Write a Novel Month.
Geraldine’s hobbies include playing piano, song writing and singing and learning the ukulele.

You can follow the author on her website and Twitter.

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