Book Review ~ Blog Tour ~ The Healer by Sharon Thompson.

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How do you escape a life of conflict and abuse?

Being a young girl in 1940’s Ireland isn’t easy for Molly, especially since she isn’t like others. Her family and community are wary of the beautiful child.

As Molly becomes a teenager life gets harder and she loses faith in everything.

Molly is surrounded in danger. She must make choices. But will she chose the right path or is she doomed to a life of misery? Will she survive in a world of violence and crime? Will The Healer ever be healed?


I would like to thank the author, publisher and blog tour organiser for the ARC in return for an honest review.

This historical drama is centred on the fantastic Molly, telling the tale of a brave and resourceful lady, who battles to overcome violence and exploitation.

The aspect I most liked about this novel was the fantastic Molly, one of the most endearing and brave female characters I have read about in quite some time. You can believe in her story and I found myself cheering her along, wanting her to succeed despite the troubles lined up against her. Having a strong female character at the heart of the story made the book for me and its worth buying it just for this character on her own.

The setting of the novel adds a richness and depth to it and there is a strong sense of history and community. Rural Ireland is a very different place to London in the 1940s and you can feel it as the story moves from one setting to the other, as both are brought vividly into the readers imagination through Sharon Thompson’s writing. I loved how rural Ireland was brought to life, that sense of the closeness of the community, but also how it can be judgmental and restrictive, choosing to bury abuse and judge Molly above those who mistreat her. London feels more open and accepting of her differences, a place she can grow. But it lacks an important part of what Molly needs, her family and that juxtaposition between the two worlds seems to amply the struggles she has to find freedom and acceptance.

I found myself just wanting to emerge myself in Molly’s world and though your reading about abuse and exploitation, the emotional connection it brought out in me the reader allowed me to understand the world it is set in. Life is hard for Molly, yet I never felt overwhelmed by this aspect of the novel, because it also shows that strength can be found in adversity. You become submerged in the violence of 1940s Dublin and can almost sense the pervading hopelessness of her life, but Molly is a fighter and you keep reading to see where the journey will take her. Loss and betrayal is balanced out by the chinks of light that is Molly herself. It is a great historical drama that reads with ease, despite the sometimes difficult and emotional subject matter.

I really enjoyed Sharon Thompsons second novel and would recommend it to fans of historical drama and those just wanting a really enjoyable read.

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About the Author:

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Sharon Thompson’s debut crime novel ‘The Abandoned’ launched as a Number 1 Best-seller on Amazon kindle. Sharon writes crime fiction, short stories and commercial fiction. Sharon’s short stories have been published in various on-line magazines. is her new online writing group. She is a regular contributor to Donegal Woman, Self Starter magazine,, and Ireland’s leading writing website Sharon also co-founded a trending, writing tweet-chat, called #WritersWise. Sharon’s second, dark historical crime fiction novel ‘The Healer’ is out Jan 22nd 2018.

You can follow the author on her websiteFacebook and Twitter.

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