Review ~ Blog Tour ~ It’s No Secret – Thriving After Surviving by Danielle Downey.

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Danielle knew early on that she was not like most children at her school.With a chaotic home life riddled with violence, neglect, abuse and poverty she learned early on how to survive and adapt.Every challenge taught her a valuable lesson about resilience and self-motivation allowing her to develop an unshakable positive mindset, along with a sense of humour.This book takes the reader on a journey detailing the life-changing events which tested Danielle’s resilience and willpower. She bravely shares the difficult choices she was forced to make in order to safeguard her precious family as long-forgotten secrets are revealed.This uplifting, shocking and empowering book chronicles Danielle’s story and her determination to never let her past define her future.It promises to inspire the reader that change and choice are absolutely possible and that nothing is ever insurmountable.



I must admit that my feelings are mixed about this book, only because parts of it are difficult to read.  The author writes about the childhood abuse she endured, including neglect, sexual and psychological abuse, with her family continuing to blame her into adulthood.  She is brutally honest about the abuse she suffered and I feel it is only fair that readers be aware of this, in case they want to either not read it, or choose a time when they feel strong enough to do so.

Saying this, it is a remarkable story of survival and bravery.  I admire her very much for writing her story, in the hope it can help others to understand the lives of those who have suffered abuse and provide a voice of hope for those who like  were abused.  It is remarkable that in putting her story into print, she can help those that have suffered and show them, that they can go on to live a life of positivity, joy and happiness.  What I loved about her story, is that she tells us all, that individuals are not defined by the abuse they are subjected to. It is the abuser that should be punished, not those they attack.

It is written with a great sense of positivity and even when you are reading about some of her lowest moments, you can feel the inner strength she was able to tap into. It wasn’t easy and there were moments she was plunged into depression, but she always found her way back towards the light and that is very inspiring. Her journey was not easy, but she is a remarkable women, strong and deeply caring. What comes across when reading the book, is her earnest wish to help others survive and thrive.
I loved that sense of positivity and admire her strength in opening up her story to us all.  The writing is never self indulgent, even though given what she and others have endured, that would be understandable, its aim is to record her remarkable story through adversity. It could be said that her inner core strength meant she could survive what would crush others, but the writer never seeks to judge, simply sets out to show that adversity, even its darkest and most abusive form can be survived, if help is provided and accepted.  She does not claim to be the perfect role model, she suffered depression and crippling flash backs, but found a route through and wants to help others do the same.
The overriding message is a positive one, to help others give the message that if she can survive so can others and prosper to.  Abuse victims are often isolated from others, by enforced silence, but by reading stories such as this, it can maybe help to know that others can try to understand and people like Danielle are out there, waiting to help them find a better life, the life they deserve and can still have.

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About the author 

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Danielle lives in Devon with her children and husband.
Her own experiences in overcoming adversity allow her to be a positive role model, inspiring others that thriving after surviving is truly possible.

You can follow the author on Twitter and her website.

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