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Punch is a collection of stories exploring the uncanny, the uncomfortable and the surreal in the everyday, at home and abroad. Whether its a man with a growth on his hand, a couple trying for a baby, a woman finishing a book, a pope with penis envy, or a bullied girl, characters throughout the collection assess their surroundings and are often forced to reassess themselves. Punch offers the reader a humorous and disturbing take on life in the twenty-first century.



I would like to thank the author, blog tour organiser and publisher for the ARC in return for an honest review.

I must admit I’m not a massive reader of short stories, but Punch has converted me!

Why? It has been written with skill and an adventures enjoyment of language.  The pint-sized chapters each tell a story that are by turns captivating, unnerving and burning with a passion for storytelling. The language used is poetic and daring, short and punchy in places, lyrical and full in others.

I loved that you could dip in and out of this book, between stories and I found that to be an incredibly relaxing experience. I often find that when I’m away I read less, so caught up in family time, but I still love to read before bed, or in quiet moments and Punch has shown me that this would be ideal reading for such times.  From now on, I’m always going to keep a short story collection on hand and its because I enjoyed Punch so much.

For certain the sometimes scary, other times enlightening, surreal and moving stories contained within the pages of the superb Punch have converted me to get another short story collection.  It is wholly responsible for a new book buying addiction.

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About the author 


Kate North writes poetry and fiction.  She lives in Cardiff and she is currently the Programme Director of the MA English Literature and Creative Writing pathways at Cardiff Metropolitan University.   Her new short story collection is called Punch (Cinnamon Press, 2019). Her latest poetry collection is The Way Out (Parthian, 2018).

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