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It’s 1987, and Soho is in the grip of another hot summer. While working part-time in The Red Lion, Joe finds himself agreeing to help a notorious gangster search for her missing girlfriend.
Antonia “the Gecko” Lagorio is daughter to the ruthless but ageing gang boss, Tony “the Lizard” Lagorio. When her girlfriend, Charlotte Fenwick, goes missing, Antonia turns to Joe for help, believing her to have been kidnapped by a rival gang.
Charlotte Fenwick is daughter to multi-millionaire, Charles Fenwick—who also happens to be one of Freddie Gillespie’s bigger clients. Keen to keep any hint of a scandal out of the public eye, Charles Fenwick had already asked Freddie to recruit Russell and Joe to help him find his daughter discreetly.
With both of them on the case, Joe and Russell find themselves trying to stop a turf war between the two rival gangs while uncovering all manner of dark secrets about the missing heiress and her troubled life.
Meanwhile Freddie Gillespie has a run in with an old foe that could see him lose both his job and his relationship with Russell.


Crazy For You is the fourth instalment in the Soho Noir series by T S Hunter. It’s as fabulous as the other three and a delight to read.

Once again we are lucky to be spending time with friends and flatmates Joe and Russell, but this time we have the added romance between Russell and lawyer Charles Fenwick.

What I loved about Crazy for You was the way the individual story arcs work together to create a well balanced, exciting read. The romance between Russell and Charles, ties in perfectly with our hero’s investigation into the disappearance of the daughter of multi millionaire Charles Fenwick. Quite an achievement to take the multiple threads and get them all to work in a novella without it feeling cluttered and rushed. Many authors struggle in full length books, so to do it so well in a short story shows the skill of T S Hunter as a writer.

The relationship between Russell and Charles gave the story added drama and romance. It’s not all mushy, but is actually full of angst and misunderstandings. I know it seems strange to say this, but I revelled in the knot of anxiety that took hold in me, wondering if their relationship would survive. Don’t we all love a story that leaves us all antsy over the love of characters we really care about?

The story feels dangerous and dramatic, so much so that I was so nervous at times, I had to read on and on, to get to the end as fast as possible. At one point when Joe enters a club, looking for Charlotte Fenwick, I caught myself holding my breath. There he is smack in the middle of a turf war between rival gangs and his life is in real danger. It’s an edge of your seat moment, in a long line of potential dangers our hero’s face to find the heiress.  It is all just so bloody thrilling.

Crazy For You even keeps up that sense of community I have come to love about these books. I takes the LGBT characters and makes them an essential part of the story, integral to it. There is one scene where Joe uses his friends, a group of drag Queens to create a distraction while he looks for Charlotte. I loved their involvement, especially as you rarely find something both so funny, yet at the same time so dramatic involving such a wealth of LGBT characters. This book gives them a story they can thrive in and says we won’t be side-lined to a niche shelf in the bookshop, we deserve to be out there on the general fiction counter. On the tables the booksellers use to highlight must read fiction, because they as characters are as good as any you’ll read in those books.

Oh and when will we see these characters in a TV drama, I want to see T S Hunters Soho Noir series adapted for TV!

You can buy the book directly from the publisher Red Dog PressWaterstones and Amazon

About the author 

Claiming to be only half-Welsh, T.S. Hunter lived in South Wales for much of his latter teens, moving to London as soon as confidence and finances allowed. He never looked back.
He has variously been a teacher, a cocktail waiter, a podium dancer and a removal man, but his passion for writing has been the only constant.
He’s a confident and engaging speaker and guest, who is as passionate about writing and storytelling as he is about promoting mainstream LGBT fiction.
He now lives with his husband in the country, and is active on social media as @TSHunter on Twitter.



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