Top Eleven Reads of 2019 – An amazing reading year of reading. #FavouriteReadsof2019

It is never easy to pick a favourite list of books read during any year, but this year it has been particularly hard. I have been incredibly lucky to read some stunning novels as shown by my favourite reads series of 2019 that have been published on Booksaremycwtches throughout December.

Those posts reflects all the books I have read this year and loved, so why not look them up?

But it is a tradition I like to keep up and so here is my top eleven reads of 2019.





download (3)



Expectation Cover






Nothing Important Cover




Photographer of the Lost Cover



6 thoughts on “Top Eleven Reads of 2019 – An amazing reading year of reading. #FavouriteReadsof2019

  1. BookerTalk says:

    Interesting that 4 of these were our book club choices. Do you think you would have read those anyway or did the book club selection introduce you to them? I’ve starte d Night Circus but am struggling….

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  2. Claire 'Word by Word' says:

    I have Star Girl on my bedside table, I just love Louise Beeches novels. Her new book I Am Dust coming out in April is dedicated to my daughter. I’ve never met Louise but she is an amazing woman and her books have been there for me during some difficult moments.

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