My wonderful reading Year ~ 2020~ January #Fiction #Nonfiction #MyWonderfulReadingYear

Welcome to a series of posts that chart my wonderful reading year, 2020. I don’t have the time to review all the books I read and wanted I way to celebrate each one. So I’m going to do a monthly post of all the wonderful books I’ve reading that month. Short snappy reviews, simple comments about why I enjoyed them so much.

So welcome to my celebration of my reading in January 2020 😀

Well the year got off to the best possible start with a simply stunning book.  The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse by Charlie Mackesy is a tender tale about the beauty of friendship and being kind to both yourself and those around you. It is also a work of art, the illustrations done by the author are destined to mark this book out as a classic that should brave every book shelf in the country.

download (7)

The second book I was lucky to have read this month was The Home by Sarah Stovell, my full review appeared on booksaremycwtches on the 22nd of January.  Shocking, deeply moving and a first class thriller.

The Home Cover

Next I read a book whose cover is stunning! What makes it such a great book to read, is it’s full of atosphere, beautifully crafted characters and a gripping story.

Pine Cover

Firewatching by Russ Thomas is not only a fabulous read, it contains a lead LGBT+ character. This is a particular passion of mine and add in a story that had me gripped throughout, it was another 5* read for me.

Firewatching Cover

Next came the first non fiction book I finished this year, The Diary Of A BookSeller by Shaun Bythell. Funny, moving and utterly fascinating, I loved it so much, on entering Waterstones for the bookclub meet, I bought the sequel, Confessions of A Bookseller, even though I’m on a self imposed book buying ban.


Next came a thriller from the publisher Bloodhound Books, Apartment 6 by Stuart James. I felt a bit smug when first reading this, thought I’d sussed the plot out within a few pages! I was wrong. Great little read.


Okay, I admit that when I agreed to review Snowball by I thought it was a thriller. It’s not it’s horror and I was very scared. I’m never ever throwing a snowball again!


I am ashamed to say that the next book has sat on my bookshelf for a  few years!  Thankfully I got around to reading it this month and it is beautiful, emotional and funny. It might seem an odd thing to say that humour was present, given its a diary about her time caring for a father with Alzheimer’s! Humour though often emerged from the darkest of times. This is a book everyone should read.

It has recently been published as The Man He Used To Be and My Mad Dad.

download (8)

Next came a thriller from a new author Chris McDonald, A Wash of Black. Exciting and thrilling to read.


The last book I read this month is the non fiction, The Dark Side of The Mind by Kerry Daynes.  Amazing read, very thought provoking, especially for me, I work in this field.


Well that is the first month of 2020 and it was a wonderful start. I’ve loved every book I’ve read and I’m excited for what is coming in February.




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