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Snowball Cover

“Readers will be riveted by this genuinely scary holiday phantasmagoria.”– Publishers Weekly

A group of motorists become stranded on a lonely stretch of highway during a Christmas Eve blizzard and fight for survival against an unnatural force in the storm. The gathered survivors realize a tenuous connection among them means it may not be a coincidence that they all ended up on this highway. An attempt to seek help leads a few of the travelers to a house in the woods where a twisted toymaker with a mystical snow globe is hell bent on playing deadly games with a group of people just trying to get home for the holidays.


Okay, I’m holding up my hands and admitting that when I agreed to review this novel, I thought it was a thriller. It’s actually horror!

Well, while I’m embracing this openness, I will admit that the author scared the crap out of me. As a result, there are things I will never do, ever!

I will not sit in an RV during a winter storm with a bunch of people I don’t know.

I will certainly never share stories of my worst winters, while ghosts from my past haunt the wilderness around me.

Oh, and most of all, I’m never throwing a snowball again.

I have been left with a phobia about snow. I was never really found of it.

Last of all and on reading the book you will understand. Snowmen the new clowns. Never going near one again.

Now that I have revealed all of that, I can confirm that Snowball is all the things a horror book should be about. It takes you on a journey into your worst fears and plays them all out over a night and day, during a winter storm. It takes characters that all have a connection, though they don’t know it to start with and plagues them nightmares, that made me hide behind my pillow and only read with the all the main lights on. It is as scary as hell, but also clever, very clever. The tension builds gradually, but by the end it matures into chest thumping pressure. I scare easily, I admit that. Not for me the latest adaption of Frankenstein on TV, the tweets were enough to leave me twitching with fear. So maybe I’m over analysing my reaction to this book, but as I hit the last page, it was only after a while I could turn the light off, following a comforting hot drink and my Chewbacca night light on!

I loved how the writer managed to take an ensemble cast and create with them a tale that left me thinking that all actions have consequences and that for some, the devastation they wreck can’t be contained. Nightmares are made real, within a story that pulsates with darkness and horror. The writer understands that if he delves below the surface of each of our fears, he can and does in Snowblind, turn them back on ourselves, leaving us wondering at the horrors we all shy away from.

I have a friend whose fear of the dark, means she has to sleep with some form of light on, I may be doing the same for a while.

Please don’t let it show this year, I don’t think I can cope!

You can purchase this novel from Amazon

About the author 

Gregory Bastianelli Author Pic

Gregory Bastianelli is the author of the novels, “Loonies” and “Jokers Club.” His stories have appeared in the magazines Black Ink Horror, Sinister Tales and Beyond Centauri; the anthologies “Night Terrors II”, “Cover of Darkness” and “Encounters”; and the online magazines “Absent Willow Review” and “Down in the Cellar”. Gregory’s novella “The Lair of the Mole People” appeared in the pulp anthology “Men & Women of Mystery Vol. II”.

He graduated from the University of New Hampshire where he studied writing under instructors Mark Smith, Thomas Williams and Theodore Weesner. Gregory worked for nearly two decades at a small daily newspaper, where the highlights of his career were interviewing shock rocker Alice Cooper and B-Movie icon Bruce Campbell.

He became enchanted with the stories of Ray Bradbury as a young child, and his love of horror grew with the likes of Richard Matheson, Robert Bloch, Stephen King and Ramsey Campbell.

Gregory lives in Dover, NH, in a Colonial home built in the 1700s. He enjoys kayaking, hiking and bicycling in the summer and snowshoeing and racquetball in the winter. Along with spending time with family, he enjoys traveling … especially to Italy, where he has visited his ancestral home and relatives residing there, also hiking the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast and to the top of Mount Vesuvius.

Gregory Bastianelli is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the New England Horror Writers.

You can follow the author on Twitter

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