My top 50 historical books. Part 1 #HistoricalFiction #Reading

In these difficult times we all need something to focus on, positives in our lives and for me one of those things is books and book blogging.  So I’m going to press ahead and allow books to help me cope in the weeks ahead.

Today I’m looking at some of my all time favourite historical fiction, with a list of my top 50 favourite books in this genre. I’m going to break it down into five separate blog posts, so you don’t get bored before you reach the bottom.  So here we go!

I should say that these lists are not in a particular order of preference.

1 Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller


I know, I have banged on about this book so much, but I love it so much. 

2 The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton 


What is so perfect about this book, is not just the beauty of the writing, but the way you feels absorbed by the history and emotion of the story. 

3 The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain 


This is the first and so far the only novel I have read by this author and what an introduction.  Beautiful story, stunning characterisation and it made me cry! 

4 The Girl With The Pearl Earing by Tracy Chevalier 


This was the novel that really showed me how amazing historical fiction could be. I have loved her books since. 

5. The Color Purple by Alice Walker 


I first read this book for the first time many years ago and have read it several times since for various literature courses. That it remains one of my all time favourite reads, is a mark of how amazing it is. 

6 The Return by Victoria Hislop


For me this is one of the best novels around the story of the Spanish civil war and the devastating impact it had on the people caught up in it. I’m a massive fan of Victoria Hislop’s writing and have read pretty much everything she has written. 

7 The Paying Guests by Sarah Walters 


This is a tender story about love and friendship amid times of unrest and change and it certainly deserves the awards it was given. 

8 A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale


Primarily a LGBT + love story, it is also about a mystery at the very heart of the writers own family and a utterly stunning read. 

9 Small Island by Andrea Levy 


What a stunning read and one I think should be considered a modern classic.

10 Now We Shall Be Entirely Free by Andrew Miller


This was a book choice from the wonderful Waterstones book club I am a member of and it is stunning. The writing has the power to drag you back to the past and it’s almost like you there with the characters. 

These books can of course all be brought from Amazon and Waterstones on-line, but why not give your nearest independent bookshop a ring and support them in these difficult times. Many will post and some are doing local deliveries.


2 thoughts on “My top 50 historical books. Part 1 #HistoricalFiction #Reading

  1. Claire 'Word by Word' says:

    I have The Gustav Sonata on my shelf, happy to know that’s in your top 10. Great idea to post this list, I have Circe to read as well and I’ve read a few others on your list.
    I’ve been making Reading lists during this confinement too, My Top 5 on the TBR, 5 Nature Inspired Reads and my top 5 Spiritual Well-Being reads. I have a few more to do and I’m currently historical fiction, Bernice McFadden’s The Book of Harlan which is inspired in part by research into her own family. And I just read Octavia Butler’s Kindred which reminded me of Andre Levy’s excellent Long Song.

    Liked by 1 person

    • booksaremycwtches says:

      You have great taste in books. I adored Long Song! The Gustav Sonata truly is stunning and I hope you enjoy I as much as me.
      When I have finished with my historical fiction books, I’m thinking of moving onto another favourite of mine, thrillers!

      Liked by 1 person

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