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Dunedin’s favourite young police officer Sam Shephard is drawn into a perplexing investigation when a series of shipping containers wash up on a sleepy New Zealand beach, and a spate of unexplained deaths ensues…
Chaos reigns in the sleepy village of Aramoana on the New Zealand coast, when a series of shipping containers wash up on the beach and looting begins.
Detective Constable Sam Shephard experiences the desperation of the scavengers first-hand, and ends up in an ambulance, nursing her wounds and puzzling over an assault that left her assailant for dead.
What appears to be a clear-cut case of a cargo ship running aground soon takes a more sinister turn when a skull is found in the sand, and the body of a diver is pulled from the sea … a diver who didn’t die of drowning…
As first officer at the scene, Sam is handed the case, much to the displeasure of her superiors, and she must put together an increasingly confusing series of clues to get to the bottom of a mystery that may still have more victims…


This is a very personal review from me, very different and I hope that is okay? I’m struggling to think clearly, but I didn’t want to pull out of a blog tour for an author and publisher that I love.

Dunedin’s favorite young police officer is back and as a result I am a very happy book blogger and more than that, I am a very, very happy reader. It’s another exciting and thrilling segment in this superb series featuring the feisty, reckless, but always heroic Detective Sam Shephard. Her adventures started in Overkill and The Ringmaster and now they continue in Containment. Author Vanda Symon has delivered yet another top notch book and given that we can’t travel currently, gives us a story that allows us to lose ourselves in New Zealand during this period of self isolation. What a glorious gift that is!

The story is set around some rather baffling deaths after a container ship runs aground off the New Zealand coast and the locals start to loot containers that wash up on the beach. Are the deaths connected and if so, can Sam find the killer before more people die?

What I loved about this the third book in the series is the way it made me feel like I was there in New Zealand, not cooped up at home. As Sam traveled around the country hunting a killer and putting her job on the line to get to the truth, I felt removed from all the worries that were clogging up my tattered and frayed nerves. The sense of atmosphere, the way you could almost touch a sky that seemed vast, lifted from my shoulders that feeling of confinement that is engulfing me right now.

The story is top class, but I expect that from Vanda Symon, who always manages to infuse her books with a sense of intelligence and well thought out narrative. From the first page you are thrown into a story that like the beach on which the containers lie, crashes over the reader with endless periods of drama and yet it is also peppered by moments of comedy. Sam as a character battles through not only her boss’s brittle treatment, also a love life scattered with woes, over to settle for safe and loving, or Mr hot pants, who frankly fill her with a compulsion to jump him and blow the consequences. My favorite moment being when she literary feints with an overwhelming feeling of lust. Our Sam is confused, but oh my she is always entertaining. As a character she is determined to catch the killer, but she’s never that typical suited and booted, self contained officer, Sam cries, she gets angry, she risks her life for her colleagues and that is why I love her.

If I had to some up this story in a few words, I’d use dramatic, full of characters that are playing with fire, humorous and best of all, a narrative that leaves you feeling desperate for the next book in the series.

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Also why not look at purchasing this book from your local independent bookshop, many of whom are delivering locally or would be delighted to post books to you. We should all support our local indies.

About the author

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Vanda Symon is a crime writer, TV presenter and radio host from Dunedin, New Zealand, and the chair of the Otago Southland branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors. The Sam Shephard series has climbed to number one on the New Zealand bestseller list, and also been shortlisted for the Ngaio Marsh Award for best crime novel. She currently lives in Dunedin, with her husband and two sons.

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