My Wonderful Reading Year- April 2020.

Welcome to a series of posts that chart my wonderful reading year, 2020. I don’t have the time to review all the books I read and wanted I way to celebrate each one. So I’m going to do a monthly post of all the wonderful books I’ve reading that month. Short snappy reviews, simple comments about why I enjoyed them so much.

It is a scary world out there at the moment and my reading is suffering, but I keeping it up and hoping my reading mojo doesn’t disappear totally.

Sending Cwtches to all those that need one.

So welcome to my celebration of my reading in April 2020.

Well my first book finished this April was Doing Time by Jodi Taylor. I thought it was a very enjoyable read and I would certainly read more of her books.


Next came the stunning You Will Be Safe Here by Damian Barr. I already know this book will feature in my all time favourite reads this year.

You will be safe here cover

Following this was a very clever psychological thriller, All In Her Head by Nikki Smith.


The next read was the non-fiction Rhubarb Rhubarb by Mary Jane Paterson and Jo Thompson. The correspondence between the gardener and the cook, is heart-warming and uplifting. I adored it.


Then came The Binding by Bridget Collins. Absolutely stunning, it has jumped into my favourite top tens books for this year so far and I think it will be hard to knock it off that list.

The Binding cover

The Bloodline Will by AB Morgan was deliciously delightful read, full of wonderful characters and an exciting story line.

The Bloodline Will by A B Morgan

This months reading included the stunning I Am Dust by Louise Beech. Another incredible read from an author who has an innate sense of place, emotion, characterisation and story telling. This novel is something special.

I Am Dust Jacket

Next came a darkly comedic novel called Death of A painter by Matthew Ross. If your looking for a thriller that gives you something different from the usual gruff policeman led drama, I would highly recommend this new book from Red Dog Press.


Well that was my reading year for April 2020. I’m not going to lie, I had days when my reading mojo disappeared, but it has still got me through some difficult days! Here is to a great reading month in May and hopefully better days for us all.







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