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What lengths would you go to, to escape a loveless marriage?

She did it, she escaped his clutches.

Now she lives under a new name.

For the past five years, Lucy has lived in fear of her past.
But all that is about to change when Matthew enters her life.

Will she be able to finally trust another man after….?

Which should she listen to, her heart or her head?

As she fights to obtain the happiness she deserves, someone is lurking in the shadows with their own dangerous agenda.

Will they be the one to determine whether she lives or dies?


I Know The Truth by M A Comley is a highly enjoyable and easy to read thriller. Just what I needed at the moment. I flew through it in two days and given my concentration levels at the currently that is a massive compliment to any book.

I loved the way the author built up the tension to a point where you really feared for Lucy’s life and the people she cared about. You could sense the danger and it was built up throughout the novel reaching a crescendo at just the right point. It really felt that Lucy’s hope for a better life, having fled a violent past hung on a knife edge. M A Comely adding in levels of threat from more than one angle to make the net that surrounds Lucy, feels all the more claustrophobic and threatening.  It seems to surround her at every point, not just ghosts from the past bringing nightmares into the present, but from Mathew’s overbearing family.  It worked because Lucy is a strong enough character, determined to fight for her future, even if that means taking on a mother-in-law  who feels no one is good enough for her precious sun and heir.  Your never sure if the threat is paranoia gone overboard, or if this new life she has the chance of is really going to be a dream or nightmare.

Characterise it gives us all the classics of a good thriller. A heroine who’s secrets don’t cower her, but which come dangerously close to destroying her life. She has skeletons in her wardrobe that will shock many, while others might feel they understand. She determined and at the same time insecure enough that you can believe in the reasons she hides from her past. Many women run from pasts they would prefer to forget and for there own safety, but is this the reason Lucy lives under a new name or has she darker secrets to hide. In I Know The Truth M A Comely gives us a lead character that will stretch our compassion to bursting point.

If you are looking for a highly enjoyable, fast paced thriller, than I Know The Truth is a good one to choose.

I would like to thank the author and the publisher for the ARC in return for an honest review. 

You can purchase I Know The Truth from Amazon.

About the author


M A Comley is a KINDLE UNLIMITED ALL-STAR author as well as being a New York Times, USA Today, Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, she has topped the book charts on iBooks as a top 5 bestselling and reached #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble. Over two and a half million copies sold world wide. She’s a British author who moved to France in 2002, and that’s when she turned her hobby into a career.

When she’s not writing crime novels as well as caring for her elderly mother, she’s either reading or going on long walks with her rescue pup Labrador, Dex.

Here is a list of her books, Cruel Justice, Impeding Justice, Final Justice, Foul Justice, Guaranteed Justice, Ultimate Justice, Virtual Justice, Hostile Justice, Tortured Justice, Rough Justice, Dubious Justice, Calculated Justice, Twisted Justice, Prime Justice, Heroic Justice, Shameful Justice, Immoral Justice and Overdue Justice. There are several novellas and short stories in the series too.

No Right To Kill, Killer Blow, The Dead Can’t Speak, Deluded and The Murder Pact in the DI Sara Ramsey series.

Her other successful series are: The DI Sally Parker thriller series, which includes WRONG PLACE, NO HIDING PLACE, COLD CASE, Deadly encounter and Lost Innocence

The DI Kayli Bright Trilogy – The Missing Children, Killer on the Run, Hidden Agenda, Murderous Betrayal and Dying Breath.


There are three books in the Intention series, Sole Intention, Grave Intention and Devious Intention.

Plus a couple of standalone novels – EVIL IN DISGUISE and FOREVER WATCHING YOU.
I’ve also penned a cozy mystery Private Investigator series – Murder at the Wedding, Murder at the Hotel and Murder by the Sea.

As well as co-authoring the Deception Series co-authored by fellow NY Times bestselling author, Linda S Prather Clever Deception, Tragic Deception and Sinful Deception.




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