A Year Of Living Simply by Kate Humble ~ Review ~ Blog Tour

‘Simply wonderful.’ – BEN FOGLE

‘Kate’s book has the warmth and calming effect of a log fire and a glass of wine. Unknit your brow and let go. It’s a treat.’ – GARETH MALONE

‘Kate Humble pours her enviable knowledge into attainable goals. It’s a winning combination and the prize – a life in balance with nature – is definitely worth claiming.’ – LUCY SIEGLE

‘As ever, where Kate leads, I follow. She has made me reassess and reset.’ – DAN SNOW

If there is one thing that most of us aspire to, it is, simply, to be happy.  And yet attaining happiness has become, it appears, anything but simple.  Having stuff – The Latest, The Newest, The Best Yet – is all too often peddled as the sure fire route to happiness.  So why then, in our consumer-driven society, is depression, stress and anxiety ever more common, affecting every strata of society and every age, even, worryingly, the very young?  Why is it, when we have so much, that many of us still feel we are missing something and the rush of pleasure when we buy something new turns so quickly into a feeling of emptiness, or purposelessness, or guilt?

So what is the route to real, deep, long lasting happiness?  Could it be that our lives have just become overly crowded, that we’ve lost sight of the things – the simple things – that give a sense of achievement, a feeling of joy or excitement? That make us happy.  Do we need to take a step back, reprioritise?  Do we need to make our lives more simple?

Kate Humble’s fresh and frank exploration of a stripped-back approach to life is uplifting, engaging and inspiring – and will help us all find balance and happiness every day.


A Year Of Living Simply by Kate Humble is the first book I have read by this author, but it will not be the last!

Within it’s pages is a captivating and humble telling of a year in her life, when she looks at all the ways she can lead a life of greater sustainability. It is both moving, informative and written with humour. It is a gentle call to us all to consider a life in which we treasure the simple things and consume less of the items society suggests we should aspire to.

Less waste, more repair and reuse calls to me on many levels. I have always felt that I should not replace my phone just because a new shiny model is advertised, or my TV because It doesn’t do HD or connect to the internet. I grew up at a time when you had your TV repaired not just replaced, where cloths were divided into best and everyday. Yet as I grew up I was also part of the generation they witnessed the start mass consumerism, throw away clothes, too many shoes and ready meals. I can’t sew, I’m a disaster in the kitchen and I have bought bags full of cloths and shoes that I either didn’t wear or only wore a few times. So reading this exceptional, funny and inspiring book, reminded me that the attitude of my grand parents generation is one we should aspire to, for the sake of all those who will inherit the world we leave behind us.

A Year of Living Simply is not saying we can’t we enjoy all the things that define our lifestyles, but to sit back at remember that we can be happy in a more sustaining way! It’s reminds us in writing that is both uplifting and positive that it’s not objects that give our lives the joy we crave, but sharing a walk, taking a moment to listen to world around us, spending time with our families. She is not shouting you can’t travel, you can’t buy a TV, but consider how you take the journey. During this time of unprecedented crisis, the Alexa a good friend bought us has given joy and a sense of connection! Family holidays have had to be cancelled, we faced not seeing each other and watching the children grow and that was heart breaking. So the Alexa with it’s screen has allowed us to face time and laugh together and that is a blessing. In A Year Of Living Simply Kate Humble is not asking us to all live in a shack with no electricity or connection to the internet, but to live a life of greater simplicity. It remains a life in which we can travel, watch TV, but in doing so in a more sustainable way, we improve not just our own well being, but those of others around us.

Kate Humble’s writing is joyful, inspiring and positive and I am off to add her other books to my library.

You can purchase this book from Amazon and Waterstones and all good independent bookstores.

About the author

Kate Humble is a writer & broadcaster specialising in science, wildlife & rural affairs. Together with her husband she runs Humble by Nature, a rural skills centre on a working farm near Monmouth in the Wye Valley. She lives in permanently muddy jeans on a smallholding in Wales.

The Humble by Nature farm is home to a thriving rural skills centre with a wide range of courses & events & delightful holiday accommodation. Courses include: smallholding & animal husbandry; traditional rural skills & crafts; & food & cookery. All the tutors are experts in their fields & courses have small numbers to ensure personal attention & hands-on experience.
Whether you’re thinking about starting a smallholding, want to build a dry stone wall or discover delicious wild food in the hedgerow, a course at Humble by Nature will give you the knowledge & confidence to get started at home.

3 thoughts on “A Year Of Living Simply by Kate Humble ~ Review ~ Blog Tour

  1. BookerTalk says:

    I’ve never watched her on TV but a few weeks ago she was the interviewer at a book event and she was superb. Warm and friendly but very natural. She had this great idea about every householder making a gap in their hedge or fence so hedgehogs etc can move freely about


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