Review – Books and Love – The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katrina Bivald

Sara has never left Sweden but at the age of 28 she decides it’s time. She cashes in her savings, packs a suitcase full of books and sets off for Broken Wheel, Iowa, a town where she knows nobody.

Sara quickly realises that Broken Wheel is in desperate need of some adventure, a dose of self-help and perhaps a little romance, too. In short, this is a town in need of a bookshop.

With a little help from the locals, Sara sets up Broken Wheel’s first bookstore. The shop might be a little quirky but then again, so is Sara. And as Broken Wheel’s story begins to take shape, there are some surprises in store for Sara too…


I made the decision a few months ago to cut back on blog tours and read books on my towering to be read pile. Despite what many seem to think, we book bloggers don’t just read ARCs, we are dedicated bookworms and love buying books at every opportunity!

I have a happy problem, I buy books quicker than I can hope to read them and so I dived headlong into my pile of books and selected The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend. I was rewarded with a joyful, charming and delightful read, about books, bookworms, bookshops, friendship and love. Just what I needed right now! A happy read, full of wonderful characters and a story that made smile and left me content.

It is all about a young lady whose life at home in Sweden is unfulfilled and after developing a friendship with fellow book lover in the American town of Broken Wheel, travels to meet her. It’s a world far removed from home and family. Here she develops friendships, opens a bookshop and perhaps might find a little romance. Now romance books are not normally my cup of tea, but I was prepared to move past that and I am so glad I did, because it gave me hours and hours of escape from the world around me and god I needed that!

All the characters are likeable, fully written, with everyone having a back story and a place in Sara’s new life. From the moment you enter into the world they inhabit, I felt and instant need to get to know more about them. Sarah is not just a character in her own right, but she acts as a device to bring all their disparate stories together, to form a narrative filled with warmth and love. She is in search of a place to belong and they a means to bring their town back to life. Sara and her bookshop are used in the story to give Broken Wheel, a town with no centre anymore, a community in tatters, a new beating heart and it’s lovely.

Oh and there is romance and it’s captivating and I smiled!

I needed feelgood and oh my, this book has that in shed loads. I love Broken Wheel and I wish I to could go there and open a bookshop!

You can purchase this book from Amazon and Waterstones.

But why not order it from your local independent bookshop and ensure they are with us for generations to come?

About the author

KATARINA BIVALD grew up working part-time in a bookshop. Today she lives in Älta, Sweden, with her sister and as many bookshelves as she can squeeze in. She has still not decided whether she prefers books or people. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is her first novel.

6 thoughts on “Review – Books and Love – The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katrina Bivald

  1. Claire 'Word by Word' says:

    I had just the same response when I read this and was delighted to come across that rare bird, the uplifting, feel good novel. I like to read “women in translation” to experience storytelling from other cultural perspectives, and The Readers of Broken Wheel just shows how universal the love of books is! Good for you too, reading from your TBR for pleasure, I’m all for that now.

    Liked by 1 person

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