Over Her Dead Body by A B Morgan

Gabby Dixon is dead. That’s news to her…

Recently divorced and bereaved, Gabby Dixon is trying to start a new chapter in her life.

As her new life begins, it ends. On paper at least.

But Gabby is still very much alive. As a woman who likes to be in control, this situation is deeply unsettling.

She has two crucial questions: who would want her dead, and why?

Enter Peddyr and Connie Quirk. husband-and-wife private investigators. Gabby needs their help to find out who is behind her sudden death.

The truth is a lot more sinister than a simple case of stolen identity.

Over Her Dead Body is a ‘what if’ tale full of brilliantly drawn characters, quirky humour and dark plot twists


I have been a fan of this author’s books since she published her very first novel. They are always exciting, full of well though out nerve tingling twists and turns. Each written in such a way that they are a joy to read. So when I received a copy of Over Her Dead Body, I started reading it with eager anticipation and boy was rewarded with yet another top quality thriller.

In this her latest novel A B Morgan treats us to a story of a life ended, on paper at least. Gabby Dixon is forced to fight to regain control of events that are spiralling out of control around her, or face ruin and possibly death. She hires a husband and wife team of private detectives to discover who has launched such a horrifying vendetta against her.

What I loved about Over Her Dead Body was how the writer delivered a multi layered tale of betrayal, with complex levels of character development and managed to avoid losing control of the narrative, delivering a story that worked on so many levels. It felt at all times like I was sat on the edge of my seat, my chest twittering with anticipation, anxiety spiralling out of control. A B Morgan created those emotions, by writing a story which never loses it’s sense of pace. Best of all, she lays false trails for you to follow, so that when the next twist hits, I literally didn’t see them coming.

The way she weaves events around Gabby is exceptional, because pace and narrative are backed up with superb characters. I whipped through the chapters at a rate of knots because I had to know what happened to her and who was ultimately responsible for the terrifying events consuming Gabby. This came about because A B Morgan made me care about this vulnerable person, ensuring she was not a one dimensional character, regulated to a supporting role in her own story. So many thrillers make the victim a simple helpless pawn, but here Gabby is an integral part of events. This made me more invested in her troubles and her ultimate fate! Especially poignant was how the writer used her mental health background to draw a character, whose hidden depths are full of fractured and displaced memories, anxieties that lead to impulsive acts, all of which make her much easier to manipulate. Believability making her spiralling loss of control all the more chilling!

In support she introduced a range of characters, some with more active roles than others, all of whom I thought were at one point or another responsible for Gabby’s life unravelling around her. There is the disgruntled sister, who was written with an innate understating of sibling rivalries and how destructive they can become. Then there is a creepy neighbour and spectre’s from past events, sending ripples into the story, to muddy the waters and unbalance the readers perception of events.

Best of all are Peddyr and Connie Quirk, whom I loved both for their skills as private defectives, their intelligence and their warmth. So often the police or private detectives are written as grumpy. moody characters and it was a breath of fresh air to meet a more light hearted depiction that didn’t lesson their roles in the story. I’m so glad we will get to meet them again, because they bring a sense of amused calm to the story. They act like guides through the possible scenarios, helping the reader to understand the complex narrative and by the end they feel like friends you really want to spend more time with. Lucky for us we will!

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About the author

Alison Morgan: A former mental health nurse, country bumpkin at heart, married to a hairy biker, fascinated by words, loves live music and she has an innate ability to make people smile and laugh.

Her crime thrillers have a strong cast of characters helping to define the style and pace of each story inspired by her life, her career and her fascination with the extremes of human behaviour.

AB Morgan, critically acclaimed author of crime mystery and suspense, has been applauded for being refreshingly different within the genre.

You can follow the author on Twitter.

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