My Wonderful Reading Year March 2021 – The Journey Continues!

I know we are not where we wanted to be at the beginning of 2021, but I believe my love of reading contributed to the little bit of sanity and hope I managed to hold onto in 2020.

So I have decided to be kind to myself this year and not place too much pressure on myself to meet set reading targets or publish a certain number of reviews.

As much as I can, I’m going to make 2021 about reading for the simple joy of it. I won’t stop doing blog tours, because I love how they challenge me and at least keep me focused reading when life is stressful and I am so distracted. But I will be doing less and reading more of the books on my to be read pile and gaining some more balance back in my reading world.

So here we are in 2021 and what follows are the books that I read in March 2021.

The first novel I finished in March was Simone Buchholz’s spiky and thrilling Hotel Cartegena.

While Paris Slept by Ruth Druart is a moving and thrilling read.

I have had The Dog Who Dared To Dream by Sun-Mi Hwang on by bookshelf for a few years and then when I was looking at my bookcase it suddenly called to me and what a delightful read it is. I loved the originality of the story, which is deeply moving.

Queer City by Peter Ackroyd is another book that has sat on my bookshelf for quite a while! Having made the decision to tackle my to be read pile of books, I picked as my next non fiction read. It is a fascinating history of gay culture of London from the Romans to the present day.

Dangerous Women by Hope Adams is a fascinating look at a group of women convicted of pretty crimes being transported to Australia. A murder on board leaves them wondering who amongst them is guilty!

I am a massive fan of The Repair Shop and so when I saw a book by Karen Farrington I snapped it up. I am so glad I did, because it tells the tales behind the objects restored in greater detail.

Bound by Vanda Symon’s is another fantastic read in the Sam Shepherd series!

After this came the very wonderful Olive, Mabel & Me by Andrew Cotter. Funny and moving, I loved it.

The next book read was Take Nothing With You by Patrick Gale. I adore his writing style and loved this book as I expected to. Eustace is a character easy to love and his story is deeply moving.

I managed to sneak in another read before we left March behind, Seven Kinds of People You Find In Bookshops by Shaun Bythell. A little gem of a read and I loved it.

Well March 2021 was full of wonderful reads and I’m looking forward to what April will bring.

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