Book covers as works of art

I had a series of posts awhile ago about the book covers I love so much, I consider them works of art, as worthy to be hung on my walls as any traditional painting. Recently, I have read a number of books and purchased others, I feel fall into this category and so I have decided to bring this series back for a while!

The first, has to be the stunning sequel to Raynor Winn’s The Salt Path. The cover of The Wild Silence evokes the beauty of or coast and the haunting quality of the writing and story within. When I look at it, I can almost feel the wind caressing my face, hear the waves as they hit the beach and gulls as they call to each other. Raynor Winn’s writing is lyrical and she gives us a story that brings to life, the painful and yet often redemptive path they have been on since they lost the home they loved and the news her husband had developed a debilitating and incurable disease.

I had been left after reading the Salt Path desperate to know about the rest of their journey and this stunning book, answered all my questions and proved to be a moving and beautifully written sequel to The Salt Path.

The illustrator Angela Harding is incredibly talented and managed to capture the essence of the story perfectly. I am a firm believer that a book cover is a window into the soul of the story being told and this one, captures it to perfection. I would be happy and proud to have it gracing the walls of my home.

‘It was the land, the earth, the deep humming background to my very being’

In 2016, days before they were unjustly evicted from their home, Raynor Winn was told her husband Moth was dying.

Instead of giving up they embarked on a life-changing journey: walking the 630-mile South West Coast Path, living by their wits, determination and love of nature.

But all journeys must end and when the couple return to civilisation they find that four walls feel like a prison, cutting them off from the sea and sky that sustained them – that had saved Moth’s life.

So when the chance to rewild an old Cornish farm comes their way, they grasp it, hoping they’ll not only reconnect with the natural world but also find themselves once again on its healing path

You can purchase this book from Amazon and Waterstones and all our wonderful independent books shops.

About the author

Since travelling the South West Coastal Path, Raynor Winn has become a regular long-distance walker and writes about nature, homelessness and wild camping. She lives in Cornwall. The Salt Path was her first book and became a Sunday Times bestseller in hardback and paperback. It was shortlisted for numerous prizes including the Costa, the Wainwright and the Stanfords Travel Writing awards.

You can follow the writer on Twitter

About the illustrator

Angela Harding is a fine art painter and illustrator based in Wing, Rutland who is inspired by British birds, nature and countryside.

You can take a look at her stunning work on her website

She can be followed on Twitter

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