My Wonderful Reading Year – August 2021. The Journey Continues.

I am continue to try balancing my reading simply for pleasure, with book reviewing and have found some absolute gems that have patiently sat on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

What follows are the books that I read in August 2021.

One of my first reads for August was The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons. This YA novel is about young Transgender boy who is passing, accept no one knows. When a discriminatory law forces his soccer coach to bench him, he has a choice to make, sit on the sidelines or fight for his right to play!

It is a very moving and enjoyable read.

Next came No Honour by Awais Khan about a young women in Pakistani village, who seeks a life in which she can choose her own destiny.

Very moving and powerful, this is a story that will haunt you for some time to come!

The next read was a gentler novel, though equally enjoyable and addictive. Miss Austen by Gill Hornby. This is a wonderful and imaginative retelling of the life of Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra.

My next read so me return to one of my very favorite book series, The Great Silence by Doug Johnstone. This family lead drama is full superb characters, a thrilling storyline, humour and sadness. It is simply put, the perfect package. I’m so glad there are more to come!

We Begin At The End By Chris Whittaker certainly deserves being lauded as the must read crime novel of the year! I had sort of fallen out of love with the traditional crime novel, but this stunner reminded me why I loved them so much.

The last book I read in August was the exceptional Black Read Bay by Rod Reynolds.

I have read so many exceptional books so far this year that choosing my favourite ones at the end of the year will be no easy task, but I’m delighted to have been so lucky as well. September is set to be full of some wonderful reads as well.

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