My Wonderful Reading Year – April 2022 – The Journey Continues.

Well, the plan to beat the backlog of my to be read pile of books continues at pace, admittedly a slow one, but still I am making headway and remembering that I bought those books for a reason! I am enjoying the pleasure of simply reading a book, without the pressure of reviewing. Then again I still love reviewing books to, just now I think I have a better balance between the two. My twin loves of fiction and non fiction continue to be indulged and there are some crackers in this months selection!

Inside Parkhurst – Stories Of A Prison Officer by David Berridge is a warts and all look at life working inside one of Britain’s most dangerous prisons. I loved it and whizzed through the pages, was both shocked and saddened for both the staff and the prisoners. Ideally this should be read against A Bit Of A Stretch – The Diaries of A Prisoner By Chris Atkins, so that you get both sides of the story.

The Shot by Sarah Sutton is a thrilling, high octane thriller that explores the world of international reporters. It is a masterclass in story telling and takes the reader into pressure keg of reporting in a war zone. A real page turner, it sweeps you along, pulling at the heart strings and teaching us to never take what we see on our tv’s for granted.

I loved The Drowned City By K J Maitland. It is full of lots of historical detail, drama and wonderful characters. I now plan on buying the sequel and devouring that as well.

The Grand Tour – Travels with my Elders by Ben Aitken is one of the funniest non fiction books I have read in a while. It is also very moving and if you have ever gone on one of those coach holidays you need to read this book. In it he makes connections with some amazing people, travels with his elders across the country and learns a lot about himself.

Trouble by Marise Gaughan is not an easy read, but it is incredibly moving and inspiring. Here the author tells the story of how her life from child to adult has been affected by her fathers suicide and long history of mental illness.

My final read for April was Mrs England by Stacey Hall. I loved this novel, became utterly absorbed in the story and characters.

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