My Wonderful Reading Year – October 2022 – The Journey Continues.

How is it October again? The year just seems to be whizzing by! It’s that time of year, where a good book and a cup of coffee snuggled up in bed, are the perfect way to pass the time. I prefer a night with my book to watching the TV and this year I have some fantastic novels to read during the winter months. I actually look forward to cwtching up under the duvet cover if a book is really good and I’m lucky to say, that it is rarely that a book disappoints me. So here we go, with the titles I read in October 2022!

First up are the book I read from my rather high to be read pile.

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

I have been a big fan of Beth O’Leary since I read The Flat Share. The Road Trip is just as good. I love how the author continues to tackle quite serious subjects and yet keep both the writing and story very accessible. You know you are dealing with a story about some of societies darkest subjects, yet you don’t feel crushed by them. The Road Trip delves into the lives of some mismatched individuals and tackles the issues that cause their relationships to fracture. But her writing always offers some hope of a better life, as with this novel and that is why I love her writing so much.

This Much Is True by Miriam Margolyes

I love Miriam Margolyes the women and the actress, so I bought her autobiography knowing I would love it and I did. She is wise, witty, and formidable and this comes across in the book; with such a strong personality that you hear her voice as you read. I know some find her rude, but I don’t, she is who she is and she doesn’t apologize for it and I admire her for this.

The Anomaly by Herve Le Tellier

This absolutely fascinating novel was the book of choice for the book club I am a member of. It is extremely clever and beautifully written, though I admit I struggled at first, I came to love it by the end. What intrigued me the most was that it was a book within a book or was it? That it had stories within stories and was handled with care by the writer. In lesser hands it could have been a mess, but it wasn’t, it was mind-bending and the perfect choice for a book club discussion.

The Boy With The Topknot by Sathnam Sanghera

The last of the books I read this month from my own to be read pile was the very moving and on times funny The Boy With The Topknot by Sathnam Sanghera. The author tells of his life and the secret that sat at the heart of his family, but which he knew nothing of until the age of twenty-four. He takes us into the world he grew up in, that shaped the man he became, but also left him living in a half-way house between the world of his immigrant parents and his life as a western man. It is one of the best books I have read this year.

Now the books I read to review as part of blog tours, or at the request of authors.

Dark Horses Ride by Lisa Edwards

This is a book about one women’s journey into middle life and the menopause. It is beautifully written, startlingly honest and most remarkably of all, not written with the soul aim of reaching the top of the best sellers list, though it deserves to, but to show others through her own journey, that by excepting ourselves we can live are far, far richer lives.

Havana Fever by Leonardo Padura

Having visited Cuba many years ago, though Havana for only a few hours, I was eager to read and review this fascinating novel. It is full of atmosphere, so much so you feel as if you are walking the streets of this fabulous island. The story is a slow burner, but that suits the narrative and allows you to absorb the world of Mario Conde.

Well, that was October 2022. I love that I really had a good balance between review reads and my own books and I hope to keep that up in November. Though I do have some rather wonderful review books coming up to!


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