My Wonderful Reading Year – January 2023 – The Journey Continues

Well Here we are in a new year, wondering by it will bring us all. I have only one reading resolution and that is to continue reading more books of my to be read pile. It is definitely tottering after a wonderful book buying splurge over Christmas and presents from family and friends alike.

This year, I am going to continue separating this feature into sections, books I read and received as review copies and those I selected from my bookshelf, There is going to be no pressure to read a set amount, type of book or any targets at all. I didn’t cope well last year, with trying to aim for a set number of books read, so I’m shelving that and taking a much more relaxed approach.

Review books

River Sing Me Home by Eleanor Shearer

The stunning story of a former slave and her search for the children taken away from her. It features a heroine whose strength of character is central to the story and whose journey is both heart breaking and heart warming. I new little of the story behind this book, but will be seeking out non fictions texts, just because the story moved me so much.

Books from my bookshelf


The Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan

This was the choice of the Cardiff Waterstones Book Group and admittedly has not been on my bookshelf for long! Moving, shocking and deeply absorbing, Richard Flanagan tells the story of society turns it’s back on a women, through fear and ignorance. It is a book that requires investment by the reader and though parts didn’t work as well as he may have intended, it is still an amazing read.

How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

An interesting concept for a novel, it just didn’t work well enough for me. The characterisation was to one dimensional and the story too predictable.


Wintering by Katherine May

Wintering by Katherine May is a beautiful and poignant read. It tells of how during our lives we lives through many winter cycles, both in a physical seasonal form and periods of mental and physical upheaval. On reading it I felt seen, I felt understood and it helped me accept, that it is natural to struggle sometimes and that we need to care more for ourselves as individuals.

Anti Social by Nick Pettigrew

Despite the subject matter Anti Social is a moving story of the pressure faced by Social Behaviour Officer. Nick Pettigrew tells not just the stories of deeply venerable people and how they are affected by the actions of others, but also how it affected his own mental health. Darkly funny, it really is a book we should all read, because he has some powerful tales to tell.

Boy in a China Shop by Keith Brymer Jones

I am a massive fan of The Great Potter Throw Down and love how invested and supportive Keith Brymer Jones is of the potters and so bought his book. I loved it! His passion and his love of his craft is infectious.


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