About booksaremycwtches


My name is Susan and I live in Wales capital city Cardiff. I’ve loved reading since a child and simply can’t imagine my life without being surrounded by books and people who love books.

My taste is wide ranging. It would probably be easier to tell you about the books I don’t like. No horror because I don’t like being scared. Other than that, I would read most anything, or at least give it a fair go.

I hope you enjoy by book blog and many thanks to anyone who takes the time to read.

I can be followed on Twitter at @Walescrazy

If your wondering about the meaning of the cwtch in the title, then let me explain. It’s the welsh word for a hug that’s imbued with love, it’s also a place where you feel place. Books and reading have always been my safe place and hence the title of my book blog.



5 thoughts on “About booksaremycwtches

  1. Alun Davies says:

    Hi Sue
    Here is an animation to accompany the first Chapter of Barry and the Chronicles.
    I wrote all the music.
    Apart from the book, which is a description of what happens as Barry grows up and matures, there are lots of little “ stand- alone” stories to mirror Chapter 1 ; these would form the ongoing tales.
    Let me know if I can be of more help in any way and thanks fo reading the book.
    Best Regards



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