After The Affair by Jonathan Kaye

Book Blurb

“University Lecturer David Ryan is having an affair. And he thinks no-one knows.He’s wrong. Someone does know. And that someone is out to blackmail him.

But when the blackmail attempt goes wrong, both Ryan and the blackmailer find themselves dragged into an underground (and decidedly seedy) world of secrets, lies and violence. A world where no-one can be trusted and everyone has something to hide.

Set in modern-day Dublin, ‘After the Affair’ is the unputdownable debut thriller from author Jonathan Kaye.”

 I’ve been trying to figure out why I loved this book so much!
One of the reasons simply is, it’s a top class thriller.
Another is because the story flows along and carries the reader with it.  It’s like placing your hand in a beautifully crafted leather glove, the fit between reader and the story, is perfect.
Its written by a talented writer. One who, if life is fair, should have a dazzling future ahead of him.
It really is edge of the seat stuff.  I hid away from my family on Easter Sunday, because I had to know what happened.  My anxiety levels having risen so high by that point, I couldn’t bear to put the book down.
It has a villain who is evil, sickening and incapable of redemption, or is he?  The tension mounts because you know he potentially could destroy characters who as a reader you have become fond of.  We all wish such people didn’t exist, but they do. Sometimes perversion and evil are part of someone’s very DNA.
While it has a lead character who could be anyone of us.  The story works from the premise that a life can spiral out of control from making one simple mistake.  He is flawed. He is a normal man. So if this spiral down into the loss of all he holds dear happens to him, it could happen to you or me.
Take all this and you have everything a thriller should have.  Great characters, an addictive edge of the seat storyline, tension that leaks from the page and enough twists and turns to wrong foot the reader.  It’s also written by a writer that should have a bright future ahead of him.
If you want to read a top notch thriller then After the Affair is a sure bet.  I know there are hundreds of great thrillers out there all clamouring for reader’s attention and its hard to choose, but this is already one of my favourite reads of 2017 and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a first class book.
About the author
j kaye

Jonathan Kaye is a stay-at-home dad who decided to write a thriller when his son started school. The house was tidy by ten every morning so what else was he gonna do till, like, three? Apart from drink coffee with moms – which he is very good at by the way.

It took him a while to figure out the plot. He even had to use google to find out what policemen and judges and people like that did. Characters were easier. He just based one of them on himself and all the others on people he knew. Seriously it’s what all writers do. Why do you think Stephen King’s protagonist is invariably a novelist?

Three years after starting out, he wrote the words ‘The End.’ It was quite the experience. Then he proofread and proofread and proofread again … but he knows there might still be one or two typos and he asks you to not be too upset by the fact.

Finally, he’s sitting here now wondering why he’s writing about himself in the third person. It is making him feel important and aloof though!

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